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The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere,bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.Nabisco

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Learning a new language can take a long time. “Humility is essential”, says Georges. “When you are a new to the language, you must be willing to speak like (and in some respects, be treated like) a child”. The book “How to learn a Foreign Language” points out: “you have to let down some of your own self importance and your worries about dignity if you really want to make progress.” So don’t take yourself too seriously. “If you never make mistake, you are not using your new language enough.” Notes Ben.

Do not worries if others laugh at your mistakes; instead, laugh along them! In fact, the day will likely come when you will be telling entertaining stories about the things you have said. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Understanding why something is said in a certain way aids the memory.

The more time you spend studying and even more so, using the languages the faster your progress will be. “We acquire language skills the way a chicken eats; grain by grain” observes George. “The little specks are not much in themselves, but they keep adding up.”

Seek out people or pupils in your area or school who speak the language well and talk to them. “In the end, “notes How to Learn a Foreign Language, “practice in the single most important rule for making progress.”

Learning a language is like watching grass grows. You don’t notice the growth, but day by day the grass gets higher. Similarly, if you look back to when you first started, no doubt you will see that you’ve made advancement.

Adapted from Awake! March 2007

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