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Do and make

These words are very similar, but there are some differences.


1 We use do when we do not say exactly what activity we are talking about — for example with something, nothing, anything, everything, what.

Do something! I like doing nothing.

What shall we do? Then he did a very strange thing.

2 We use do when we talk about work, and in the structure do-ing.

I’m not going to do any work today. I’m going to do some reading.

I dislike doing housework. I hate doing the cooking and shopping.

Would you like to do my job?

3 We often use make to talk about constructing, building, creating, etc.

I’ve just made a cake. Let’s make a plan.

My father and I once made a boat.

4 Learn these expressions:

do good/harm/business/one’s best/a favour

make an offer/arrangements/a suggestion/a decision/an attempt/an effort/an excuse/an exception/a mistake/a noise/ a journey/a phone ca/I/money/a profit/love/peace/war/a bed 

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