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1 With how (rather formal)

how + adjective

Strawberries! How nice!

How + adjective/adverb + subject + verb

How cold it is! (NOT –How it is cold!)

How beautifully you sing! (NOT –How you sing beautifully!)

how + subject + verb

How you’ve grown!

2 With what

what a/an (+ adjective) + singular countable noun

What a rude man! (NOT –What rude man!)

What a nice dress! (NOT –What nice dress!)

What a surprise!

What (+ adjective) + uncountable/plural noun

What beautiful weather! (NOT –What a beautiful weather! (NOT What a beautiful weather!)

What lovely flowers!

3 Negative questions

Isn’t the weather nice!

Hasn’t she grown!

In American English, ordinary (non-negative) question forms are often used in exclamations.

Am I hungry! Did she make a mistake! 

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