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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, the narrator of the story, is an orphan who was received by her uncle. But her uncle's wife, Mrs. Reed, and his children did not love her. So she was maltreated by her aunt and cousins, especially John, after her uncle's death.

As Jane came up to John's chair, he spent about three minutes in sticking out his tongue at Jane as far as he could. Jane knew he would soon hit her, and as she was waiting for the blow, she thought how disgusting and ugly his face was. He may have read Jane's thoughts, for he hit Jane suddenly and hard.
"What were you doing behind the curtain?" John asked Jane.
"I was reading", Jane said.
"Show me the book", John ordered her.

Jane returned to the window and brought it.
"You have no right to read our books", John continued. "You depend on us, Mama says. Your father left you no money. You ought to beg, and not to live with a gentleman's children. You should not eat the same food or be given clothes like us. Go and stand by the door, out of the way of the windows and the mirror."

Jane moved away, not at first aware of what he was going to do. Then she saw him lift and throw the book; but it was too late to avoid it. She was knocked over and fell against the door, striking her head and cutting it badly. The cut bled and the pain was very serious.

Adapted from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë


  • An orphan: un (e) orphelin (e)
  • To stick out one's tongue: tirer sa langue
  • The blow: le coup


I. Comprehension (8points)

A- Read the text and write the letter corresponding to the correct answer. (2pts)

1. Jane is now living in her uncle's family because ...

a- her aunt died. c-her father died.
b- her cousin died. d-her brother died.

2. Who ill-treated Jane the most in the Reeds family?

a- John. c- Mr. Reed.
b- Mrs. Reed. d- John's brother.

3. Jane was behind the curtain...

a- looking for a book. c- stealing a book.
b- placing a book. d- reading a book.

4. When John threw the book at Jane ...

a- she could throw it back. c- she could catch it.
b- she could not avoid it. d- She could avoid it.

B- Read the text and write true (T) or false (F) in front of each statement. (2pts)

1. John's mother told him that Jane was dependent.
2. Jane inherited wealth from his father.
3. Jane's cousins loved her.
4. John Reed is a bad and violent boy.

C- Read the text and answer the following questions. (4pts")

1. How did John know that Jane's father left her no money?(1pt)
2. According to John, what should Jane do in order to live? (1pt)
3. Was Jane happy in the Reeds family? Why or why not? (2pts)

II. Vocabulary (2points)

A- Find in the text the verb which derives from each of these nouns, (1pt)

1. knowledge (paragraph 2)
2. beggar (paragraph 3)

B- Find in the text the appropriate words to complete the sentences, (1pt)

1. The person who tells a story is a... (paragraph 1)
2. Jane was terribly ... by the book, (paragraph 4)

III - Grammar (6points)

A- Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, (1pt)

1. Look! Jane (to cry).
2. Jane (to be) independent in the future?

B- Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition (for, after, at. from), (1pt)

1. I have lost my keys; I am looking ... them.
2. John is different... the other children.

C- Put the following sentences into the indirect speech, (1pt)

1. Jane said: "I am reading a book."
2. "Put the book back on the bookshelf', John ordered Jane.

D- Choose the appropriate relative pronoun to complete the sentences, (1pt) (which, who, whose) (1pt)

1. John is the boy ... doesn't like Jane.
2. Jane ... father died was suffering.

E- Write the letter corresponding to the correct answer.(1pt)

1. We must never be violent, ...

a- Must we?
b- Mustn't we?
c- Must we not?

2. Mrs. Reed consoles her, ...

a- Does she?
b- Does she not?
c- Doesn't she?

F- Complete the sentence with 'make' or 'do', (1pt)

3. I ... my homework every day. .
4. They always ... mistakes.

IV - Writing (4 points)

In your opinion, what should we do to help orphans? (40 to 50 words)

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