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Danny lived with his mother in a small house at the edge of town. They were poor and got by only with what his mother earned as a washerwoman. Although they were poor, they were always helpful to those in need.

One day, Danny was walking in town when he saw an old man carrying a huge bundle. The man looked tired and hungry. His bones were sticking out. He was walking around asking people to help him carry the bundle. No one agreed to help him. Danny offered to help him. The old man told Danny that he had no money to pay him.

With a laugh, Danny said that he was just trying to help. He took the bundle and hoisted it onto his shoulder. It was heavy ! Danny asked the old man where he wanted to go. He told Danny to follow him. As they walked, Danny realized that they were heading towards his house.

The old man stopped right in front of it. "This is my house !" exclaimed Danny. The old man did not say a word. He just turned around and told Danny, "This bundle is for you, use it well." Then he went off.

Danny opened the bundle and was surprised to find a huge amount of money inside. A note inside it said "Help comes to those who help." From then on, Danny and his mother lived happily. They continued to help those in need.


1. How did Danny's mother earn her living ?
2. Was the old man a fat or thin man ? which sentence tells you this ?
3. Why didn't anyone help the old man ?
4. Why do you think Danny was given the bundle of money ?
5. Who do you think the old man was ?

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