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The struggle of Michael Talber

The Center for Disease Control (C.D.C) in Atlanta, Georgia estimated that by 1991 ; 165,000 Americans will have contracted AIDS. Nearly 100,000 persons have died of AIDS. This is for more lives than the dead of Vietnam war. Researchers estimate that more than ten million persons in the world are infected with the Virus and most of the them will develop the disease.
Michael Talber, 37, knows that he is dying of AIDS. He spends his time visiting high schools to try and inform them about its dangers.
At first the students seem embarrassed talbert has told them that his hobby then was weight lift in”, they become surprised when he added that it has been three years since he was diagnosed with the virus. Talber is so thin that he needs a stick to walk. “I always though the things happened to other”. Other’s girl friends got repugnant… then my girl friend got pregnant”. The kids laugh. He has touched a nerve.” That’s why I though about AIDS too”, he says quietly. Later the students ask questions”. How do you think you got AIDS ?” Most likely through sexual contact.
“Talber answers.” What did your friend say when you told them ? Some of them were very caring, others were afraid” he replies.
In the past when I got infected, people didn’t know how to protect themselves”, he says” we didn’t have a chance you don’t have to let this happen to you”.
After the class, Talber is exhausted by the effort of speaking. “If I can keep just one of these kids from becoming infected, I’ve made a difference. I’ve won one small victory against this terrible virus”.

Adapted from National Geographic


Hobby : activité de distraction
Weight lifting : soulever des poids (halterophilie)
To be very caring : (were very caring) : être très attentionné
Student : Etudiant
To get pregnant : tomber enceinte
Vietnam war : la guerre du Vietnam.


I – Comprehension

A – Multiple choice questions : (write only the number and the lettercorresponding to the right answer).
1 – By 1991,
a. 165,000 Americans were to suffer from AIDS
b. 165,000 Georgians would suffer from AIDS
c. 165,000 people were to die from AIDS
d. 165,000 people would develop the disease.

2 – It is said in the text that AIDS in those days
a. killed 100,000 persons more than the Vietnam war.
b. killed 165,000 persons
c. killed ten million persons
d. didn’t kill more than the Vietnam war.

3 – The students seems embarrassed because.
a. talber has lived with the virus for three years
b. talber pretended to lift weight, whereas he is so thin he needs a stick to walk.
c. talber visits high school
d. talber is funny.

4 – Talber realized he could suffer from AIDS when
a. some people’s girls got pregnant
b. nearly 100,000 persons have died from AIDS
c. he became thin
d. his girl friend got pregnant

5 – He has toched a nerves means :
a. he was joking
b. the kids became conscious of AIDS dangers
c. he touched a sensitive subject
d. the kids felt now concerned with what talbert was saying

6 – Talbert got infected trough
a. sexual intercourse
b. weight lifting
c. the Vietnam war
d. the effort of speaking

7 – In the text exhausted means
a. to be very sick
b. to suffer from AIDS
c. to be extremely tired
d. to speak a lot

8 – Talbert’s ambition is to..
a. prevent even a kid to be infected with AIDS
b. inform the kids on AIDS
c. to speak about his hobby
d. fight against AIDS

B – Guided Commentary

1 – Is AIDS a dangerous disease ? (stick to the text)
2 – What made talber think of AIDS
3 – Essay (12 lines). If one of your friend suffers from AIDS what will you do ?

C – Grammar

A – Write the right letters of the right answers.

1 – talber would have recovered if.
a. he had been suffering from malaria
b. he was suffering from malaria
c. he will he suffering from malaria
d. he would have suffered from malaria

2 – If talber was suffering from malaria
a. any doctor can cure him
b. any doctor would can cure him
c. any doctor would be able to cure him
d. any doctor could be able to cure him.

B – Turn these sentences into passive voice

1 – The students had asked questions
2 – Most of them will develop the disease.

C - Write the suitable tag questions
1 – Nobody liked her, …………….. ?
2 – I am the greatest for ever, ………. ?

III – Translation (translate into English)

1 – Je te dirai ce qu’il me dira.
2 – Tous les matins Fati se regarde dans la glace
3 – Le Président Thomas Sankara est mort il y a vingt ans.
4 – En tant que musulman je n’ai jamais mangé de la viande de porc.
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