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(Sujet d'Anglais au BEPC 2016)

People immigrate for various reasons: some are forced to leave their countries because of poverty or political crisis; others are simply attracted by adventure and better life.

Immigrants face new realities: they have to adapt themselves to the climate and to the local populations’ habits, customs and food. The more they adapt themselves to this new way of life, the easier life becomes to them because they integrate into the host communities and share their joys and difficulties.

Over the recent years, thousands of families have been forced to come back to Burkina Faso, because of the political instability in Cote d’Ivoire. In fact, after years of peaceful cohabitation between Burkinabe immigrants and the populations of Cote d’Ivoire, the Burkinabe were obliged to leave everything and go back to their country. Therefore, they abandoned farms, houses and other businesses behind them.

This is not an isolated case because whenever there are troubles in a country, the decision to leave this country for another one is most of the time the last solution for those who immigrate.
Immigrants, through their work, are useful to both their motherland and their host country.

Adapted from RCH report 2003 p. 15


Motherland: pays d’origine
Host country: pays d’accueil


I- Comprehension (8 pts)

A- Read the text and write the letter that is in front of the correct answer (2 pts)

1- According to the text, some people immigrate because they...

a- are forced to live in their country.

b- are poor,

c- have a better life,

d- want to visit their relatives.

2- In the text, immigrants do not have to adapt themselves to the...

a- local populations.

b- climate.

c- motherland.

d- habits, customs and food.

3- Before the political crisis in Côte d’Ivoire, Burkinabe...

a- enjoyed life with Ivorian populations.

b- fought Ivorian populations,

c- maltreated Ivorian populations,

d- rejected Ivorian populations.

4- In the text, immigrants’ work is useful to:

a- only their motherland.

b- only their host country.

c- only their families.

d- their motherland and host country.

B- Read the text and write True (T) or False (F) in front of each statement ( 2 pts)

1- Some people immigrate because they like experiencing new realities.
2- Immigrants must get used to the local food.
3- Some Burkinabe came back to Ouagadougou because of war in their home country.
4- In case of crisis, immigrants do not decide to leave the host country immediately.

C- Read the text and answer these questions (4 pts)

1- What reasons make people immigrate? (Give two (2) reasons) (2 pts)
2- Why did Burkinabe leave Cote d’Ivoire? (1 pt)
3- How are immigrants useful to both their motherland and their host country? (1 pt)

I- Vocabulary (2 pts)

A- Find in the text the opposites of these words (1 pt)

1- to stay (Paragraph 1)
2- useless (Paragraph 5)

B- Find in the text, the synonyms of these words (1 pt)

1- problems (Paragraph 2)
2- calm (Paragraph 3)

Ill- Grammar (6 pts)

A- Choose the letter corresponding to the correct answer (2pts)

1- If Burkinabe knew they… .home,

a- will stay
b- would stay
c- stayed
d- stay

2- He succeeded by... hard,

a- Work
b- worked
c- working
d- works

3- These populations ... peacefully some years ago.

a- lived
b- are living
c- live
d- have lived

4- Wars make people... their countries

a- leaving
b- left
c- leaves
d- leave

B- Put the words in parentheses into the plural (1 pt)

1- He is eating (a mango)
2- He loves his (wife)

C- Complete these sentences with: how or what (1 pt)

1- ... a nice country!
2- ... poor they are!

D- Put these sentences into indirect speech (1 pt)

1- “Populations meet many problems”. I said
2- “Go back home”. They ordered him

E- Put the verbs into past perfect simple (1 pt)

1- They can stay in their nations
2- She lives in Côte d’Ivoire.

IV- Writing (4 pts): Write a short essay

Would you like to stay in your country or immigrate to another country one day? Give at least three reasons to justify your answer. (40 to 50 words)


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