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FredFred works in a factory. He does not have a wife, and he gets quite a lot of money every week. He loves cars, and has a new one every year. He likes driving very fast, and he always buys small fast, red cars. He sometimes takes his mother out in them, ,and then she always says, “But, Fred why do you drive these cars? We're almost sitting on the road!”
Then Fred laughs and is happy. He likes being very near the road.
Fred is very tall and very fat.
Last week he came out of a shop and went to his car. There was a small boy near it. He was looking at the beautiful red car. Then he looked and saw Fred.
“How do you get into that small car?” he asked him.
Fred laughed and said, “I don't get into it. I put it on.”

A) Which of these sentences are true and which are false (F)? Write T or F.

1. Fred has a wife.
2. Fred is a poor man.
3. Fred buys a new car every year.
4. Fred's mother does not like his cars.
5. A small girl was looking at Fred's car.
6. Fred gets into his car easily.

B) Answer these questions.

1. Where does Fred work?
2. What cars does he like?
3. Who goes out in them with him sometimes?
4. What does she always say?
5. What does Fred do then?
6. Is Fred a big man, or a small man?
7. What did a small boy ask him last week?
8. What did Fred say?

C) Opposites. Put one word in each empty place.

1. Fred does not get very. . . money: he gets a lot.
2. He does not . . . cars: he loves them.
3. He does not drive. . . : he drives fast.
4. He does not buy . . . cars: he buys small ones.
5. He does not like sitting very. . . from the road: he likes sitting very near it.
6. & 7. Fred is not a . . ., ... man: he is a tall, fat man.
8. His car is not . . . : it is beautiful.
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