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Two old gentlemenTwo old gentlemen lived in a quiet street in Paris. They were friends and neighbours, and they often went for walks together in the streets when the weather was fine. Last Saturday they went for a walk at the side of the river. The sun shone, the weather was warm, there were a lot offIowers everywhere, and there were boats on the water.
The two men walked happily for half an hour, and then one ofthem said to the other, 'That's a very beautiful girl.'
'Where can you see a beautiful girl?' said the other. 'I can't see one anywhere. I can see two young men. They're walking towards us.'
'The girl's walking behind us,' said the first man quietly.
'But how can you see her then?' asked his friend.
The first man smiled and said, 'I can't see her, but I can see the young men's eyes.'

A) Which of these sentences are true (T) and which are false (F)? Write T or F.

1. The two old men were friends and neighbours.
2. They often went to town when the weather was fine.
3. A beautiful girl was walking towards them.
4. Two young men were walking towards them.
5. The old man saw the beautiful girl.
6. The young men saw the beautiful girl.

B) Answer these questions.

1. Where did the two old gentlemen live?
2. What did they often do together?
3. Where did they walk last Saturday?
4. What did one ofthem say to the other after halfan hour?
5. What did the second man say?
6. What did the first one say then?
7. What did the second man ask?
8. What was the first man's answer?

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