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A Problem of Pay Increase (Irenée SAWADOGO)

Peter Baker has set up an advertising Agency and employs Waters as his Office Manager. This conversation occurred last Friday evening.

John : Did you sign those letters Mr Baker ?
Baker : I put them in the out-tray. I made a slight change to the Caldwell letter.
John : Oh yes. I see....Mr Baker. I wonder if you could spare me a few minutes on a personal matter ?
Baker : OK John. As long as you don't keep me too long. I've promised my wife I'll be home by six.
John : Alright! M. Baker. Its about my salary as I'm sure you know, my last pay increase was eighteen months ago and I've had more responsibilities since Miss Oldroyd left. As you know I've bought a house and the mortgage repayments are over F300 a month.
Baker : If you saw my bank overdraft you'd realise you're not the only one with problems, but I know you've got to live too. And I'm very pleased with the effort you've made since Miss Oldroyd left. What sort of figure have you got in mind ?
John : Well, I was hoping another F1,000 a year.
Baker : F1,000 ? I cant go that far. But I tell you that. Let's make it an extra F10 a week for now and we'll have another chat in six months time. If we get the Caldwell contract I might be able to be a bit more generous. Does that seem fair ?
John : Yes Mr Baker, that seems very fair.
Baker : We'll start with the new amount next month OK. Have a good weekend and my best wishes to that lovely wife of yours.
John : Good night M. Baker and thank you very much.


1) What did John tell Mr Baker ? 1 pt
2) Is his request justified ? Why ? 2 pts
3) What agreement did they reach at the end ? 3 pts
4) Do you think the title is justified ? Why or why not ? ( 8 10 lines ) 6 pts

GRAMMAR Put the bracketed word into the right form

1) When you go to this company, you (be) hired.
2) BICIA (open) a cash point some years ago in Ouahigouya.
3) If you open a savings account, your money ( yield) interests.
4) Once he got his money, Ali (ask for) an over draft some days after.
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