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Oral Bac 2012 G1-G2

When we discuss technology in a broad sense, most people view it from the context of gadgets (the manufactured objects of technological design like cell
phones, IPods, I pads, computers, scanners etc.). Since the concept of technology cannot be defined as just the gadgets, We can say that "technology is not a collection
of things, but rather a systematic and rational way of doing things; it is in general the organization of knowledge and things to accomplish specific practical goals".

One of the most important artifacts is the cell phone. Phones are now the dominant technology with which young people, and urban youth in particular, now define themselves. What sort of phone you carry and how you customize it says a great deal about you, just as the choice of a car did for a previous generation.
Nowadays mobile phones, like cars, are fashion items: in both cases, people buy new ones for more often than really necessary. Both are social technologies that bring people together. And for teenagers both act as symbols of independence and promote freedom and mobility, with unexpected social consequences. Yet most cars cause pollution I the form of particles and nasty gases. They can also become deadly weapons 4n case of accidents. That's also true for mobile phones which can cause accidents when the drivers use them while driving. Today many terrorists use them to trigger off bombs remotely. There are many technologies we employ that improve the lives of the citizens and make our countries a better place to live in.

As a matter of fact, the Internet cafes are one of the most important technologies injected into our daily life. By we still have to improve on that and socialize people into thinking of technology as more than just artifacts. When we look at technology as just artifacts, we define it as "toys for the rich" rather than "necessities for the poor".

Adapted from 'Technology Infusion' in the Reader's digest of May, 2009 (page 42)

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