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Bac G1 - G2 2009 Oral Exam: Smart Tips for Getting a Raise

Are you earning the salary you deserve? In a tight economy, many people are finding that they aren't receiving impressive increases when evaluation time rolls around. Don't despair. According to the Virginia Society of CPAs there are some steps you can take to maximize your chances for a bigger paycheck.

If you think you're not making what you deserve, it's acceptable to speak up, as long as you keep the discussion cordial and professional. Name the amount you were hoping to receive and explain why you think you deserve it.

When you begin your negotiations, make sure you have information to back up your requests. That means, first, knowing what your job is worth. To get a sense of what the market is like in your area, you can also talk to local employment agencies or professional associations. In addition, online job-search sites can provide details about what's being paid for a position like yours in your location. If you learn that you're receiving less than others are for the same duties, you can present your research to your boss as part of your negotiation.
In addition to understanding what your job is worth in the marketplace, you will also need to think about what you personally are worth to your company. Have you taken on new responsibilities? Spearheaded an initiative that saved the business time or money? Taken the time to learn a new skill? Developed a way to raise profits? Make a list of such actions and, have it ready when you negotiate. You might even consider giving your boss the list before your meeting so you're both prepared to discuss it.

Of course, if you can't think of ways that you have made an outstanding contribution, now's the time to begin trying to make one. That way, you'll be in a better position to negotiate at your next salary review.

It is possible that you can be an excellent employee, present a strong case for a raise or promotion and still not receive one. The company may truly be facing difficult times, and unable to reward even the best workers. If you know that profits are down, you should be prepared to accept this reality. However, there may be alternatives you can request. For example, you might consider asking for perks such as more time off, the opportunity to work at home part-time, increased training that can enhance your career options, or some other benefit that the company could more easily afford. If you believe that you have a promising future with the business, it may be worth accepting these alternative rewards during tough times and asking for more money when the economy improves.

CPAs: Certified Public Accountant: Expert Comptable.

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