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Bac 2011 G1-G2 Series (Oral)

Dealing with the loss of employment has been likened to walking through a mine field. The most frequent emotions experienced when one is unemployed include: anger, shame, fear, sadness, and self-pity. The author of the book observes: "You've been handed a difficult assignment - determining your future. You haven't asked for this assignment, you probably don't know how to proceed, and all of a sudden you may feel very much alone". And explaining one's sudden dismissal to one's family is one of the most difficult problems the unemployed face.

Here are some suggestions that may help you to handle the situation, even if they do not solve it altogether. First, recognize that unexpected job loss is a reality in these times. So regardless of your age and experience, plan ahead forthat possibility in the way you live your life.

Second, be careful about taking on any large debt for items that are not essential for sustenance and covering. Live within your means, and do not assume that you can cover debts with anticipated income from promotions or regular wage increases. The message of today's economy is that there may be no long-term future to rely on.

Third, look for ways to simplify your life and reduce existing financial commitments. This includes shedding debts for items that are not essential to a reasonably simple, wholesome life-style.
Fourth, review your lifetime goals, spiritual and secular, and update them. Then you can weigh all decisions against your goals and assess the impact.

Finally, do not look longingly at the life-style of others in your community who are living less frugally, lest you begin to desire the things they have and be lured into their way of life.

Adapted from Awake! October 8, 2000

Altogether: completely, thoroughly Longingly: with too much desire, want.

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