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The Telephone in Business Management

Since time is money, the manager should avoid useless displacements. Be it in his department or elsewhere, the manager should use a telephone to solve any sign documents or his presence is necessary.

This means of communication is efficient, quiet and above all not too expensive.
Therefore, it is pointless for a manager to move from his office when he can simply make a call. It avoids delays, it saves time and it is much more economical than going by car, by train, or by air to deal with business. For instance, the cost of a single air ticket can sometimes pay a month's telephone invoice. Therefore, it goes without saying that any rime his phone is out of order; the manager should do his utmost to get it repaired as soon as possible. This is vital! Otherwise, it can cause a useless freezing of his work.

As far as the handling of the telephone is concerned, the manager should be aware of some little details. As a matter of fact, he should for instance be sure that he really knows the numbers he wants when making a call. He should never guess at them! If he doubts, he should look in the telephone directory. He should bear in mind that there is no need to shout on the phone. He should talk quietly and distinctly into the mouth piece. He shouldn't forget to lower the pitch of his voice and speak more slowly if he has difficulties in being heard. He should always remember that numbers can easily be confused when passed over the telephone: he should for example say "fourteen million" so that 14 000 000 is not confused with 40 000 000 finally, he should replace the receiver correctly after each call.


I- Comprehension

A- Answer the following-questions 6pts)

1- How can a Manager avoid wasting time?    
2- What are the advantages of telephone using?

B- Write or false in front of each statement (4pts)

1- A manager shouldn't take time getting his out of order telephone repaired.
2- Telephone cannot be used anywhere.    
3- Telephone is cheap, efficient and quiet.
4- Telephone is useless in business.

II- Grammar

A- Turn the sentences into the reported speech (4pts)

1- The manager said: “I will look for the number in the telephone directory.”
2- “Where are you going?” He asked me.
3- He asked his secretary: “Did you replace the receiver after the call?”
4- “Don't shout on the phone” the Director told the secretary.

A- Turn the adjectives into the double comparative (6pts)

1- The weather is fine.
2- Life is becoming expensive.    
3- Days are getting long
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