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The First Scholarship (From Mr NANA, Provincial High School of Kaya)

Six or seven years ago, Umuofians abroad formed their Union with the aim of collecting money to send some of their brighter young men to study in England. They taxed themselves mercilessly. The first scholarship under this scheme was awarded to Obi Okonkwo, five years ago, almost to the day. Although they called it a scholarship, it was to be repaid.
In Obi’s case, it was worth eight hundred pounds, to be repaid within four years of his return. They wanted him to read and study law so that when he returned, he would handle all their land cases against their neighbours. But when he got to England, he studied English; his self-will was, not new. The union was angry but in the end, they left him alone. Although he would not be a lawyer, he would get a “European post” in the Civil Service.

No Longer at Ease, Chinua Achebe.

Abroad: à l’étranger
Law : le droit.

I – Questions (15 pts)

a) What is a scholarship? (2 pts)
b) Which pupils are usually given scholarships? (2 pts)
c) In Obi’s case, was it really a scholarship? Why not? (3 pts)

2 – Why did the Umuofians want Obi Okonkwo to be educated? (3 pts)

3- If you had an important post in the Civil Service, whom would you serve first: your family? your friends? your village? your tribe? your Country? Give your reasons. (6 – 10 lines (5 pts)

II – GRAMMAR (5 pts)

Choose the correct answers (a, b, c, or d)

1 – I’m sure he………….. agree with you.
a) will not ;
b) must be ;
c) is not ;
d) has not

2 – I have not seen………….. yet.
a) somebody ;
b) anybody ;
c) nobody ;
d) no one.

3 – I want to be………………. Air hostess
a) a ;
b) ;
c) an ;
d) no

4 – He works very…………………
a) fastly ;
b) hard ;
c)hardly ;
d) few.

5 – I have been here………………… two hours.
a) since ;
b) for ;
c) while ;
d) at.

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