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1 Enough comes after adjectives (without nouns) and adverbs.

adjective/adverb + enough


Is it warm enough for you? (NOT ... enough warm ...)

You’re not driving fast enough.

2 Enough comes before nouns.

Enough (+ adjective) + noun


Have you got enough milk? (NOT ... enough of milk.)

There isn’t enough blue paint left.

We use enough of before pronouns and determiners (for example the, my, this).

Enough of + pronoun


We didn’t buy enough of them.

Enough of + determiner ( + adjective) + noun


The exam was bad. I couldn’t answer enough of the questions.

Have we got enough of those new potatoes?

3 We can use an infinitive structure after enough.

… enough… + infinitive


She’s old enough to do what she wants.

I haven’t got enough money to buy a car.

… enough … + for + object + infinitive


It’s late enough for us to stop work.

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