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Business and advertising

The wholesale trade requires premises suitable for a counting-house and one or more warehouses whereas the retail trade requires large shop-windows preferably with a flat above.
Business people who do not own the premises have to pay a yearly or a quarterly rent to landlords (proprietors). The contact under which the premises are let out to the tenant is called: lease.

When businesses are sold, the price generally includes: the good will, the stock and the lease.
All traders expect that advertising will promote business. The shop-windows are the retailer's best advertising medium. "Take care of your window and your window will take care of your shop" may be the shopkeeper's motto.
The manner in which goods are packed, original trade marks and artistic labels attract the passer-by's eye, but the attention of all prospective customers may also be obtained by means of publicity such as handbiIls, circulars, catalogues, booklets, picture posters, signboards, announcements or advertisement in daily newspapers and monthly magazines ..
Any advertising agency may be entrusted with the organization of the publicity required. Trade is also greatly promoted by organization of pairs and exhibitions.

Adapted from Anglais Pratique et commercial, 1975, P30, by Georges LAVIGNE


  • A lease: un bail
  • Handbill: prospectus
  • A signboard: une enseigne
  • To entrust: confier, donner sa confiance à ...




A- Find in the text an opposite for:

- Retail sale trade (1 pt)

B- Find in the text a synonym for:

- Commerce (1 pt)

C- Turn the words below into adjectives (2pts)

1- Art (1 pt)
2- Attract (1 pt)


A- Write "True" (T) or "False" (F) in front of the number of each statement according to the text. (4pts)

1- Retail sale needs premises.
2- It is good to put a flat on retaiI trade shop.
3- The rent of the premises is paid to the house owner.
4- People who already have a shop can rent it to a landlord.

B- Read the text and answer the following questions. (4pts)

1- What type of shop does retail trade need? (2pts)
2- Cite two means used in advertising to attract customers (2pts)


A- Fill in the blanks with the appropriate relative pronoun: who, who m, whose. (2pts)

1- The businessman bag has been stolen is our accountant. (1 pt)
2- The woman you see gave us a good job last year. (1 pt)

B- Put the adjective in bracket in the following sentences into the comparative of superiority. (2pts)

1- The houses here are (expensive) the houses in our village. (1 pt)
2- The products he sold last time were (bad) this woman's products. (1pt)

C- Turn the sentences below into the passive voice. (2pts)

1- The wholesale requires premises. (1 pt)
2- Our friend opened a new supermarket last week. (1 pt)

D- Put the verbs between brackets into the correct tense. (2pts)

1- Now, the retailer (to shut) the windows of the shop. (1 pt)
2- In December 2017, the shopkeeper (to sell) a lot of products on credit. (1 pt)

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