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Plants are important to us. All the food that we eat comes either directly or indirectly from plants. However, the question is, what do plants eat ? Well, they do not actually eat the way we do but they make their own food. The process by which this takes place is called photosynthesis.

Plants make food in their leaves. The leaves contain a pigment called chlorophyll which gives the leaves their green color. Besides chlorophyll, plants also need the light from the sun to help in its food production. Besides the sun, plants can also make food with the use of other light sources such as a light bulb. For photosynthesis to take place, plants also need carbon dioxide that is found in the air. Animals and people help in providing carbon dioxide for the plants to make food when they breathe out.

lastly, but just as important, plants make use of their roots to absorb the nutrients found in the soil to help them make food. When all these different things are present, the plants can then make food. In the process of making food, plants release oxygen, which is beneficial to animals and people. Plants, animals and people are dependent on one another to survive, Plants provide oxygen for animals and people to breathe and animals and people provide carbon dioxide for the plants to make food.


1. What is photosynthesis ?
2. Where does photosynthesis take place ?
3. What do plants need for photosynthesis to take place ?
4. How do animals and people help in the photosynthesis process ?
5. How do plants, animals and people help each other ?

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