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Mr Robinson never went to a dentist, because he was afraid, but th en his teeth began hurting a lot, and he went to a dentist. The dentist did a lot of work in his mouth for a long time. On the last day Mr Robinson said to him, "How much is all this work going to cost?" The dentist said, "Twenty-five pounds," but he did not ask him for the money.
After a month Mr Robinson phoned the dentist and said, "You haven't asked me for any money for your work last month."
"Oh," the dentist answered, "I never ask a gentleman for money."
"Then how do you live?" Mr Robinson asked.
"Most gentlemen pay me quickly," the dentist said, "but some don't. I wait for my money for two months, and then I say, "That man isn't a gentleman, and then I ask him for my money."

A) Which of these sentences are true (T) and which are false (F)? Write.

1. Mr Robinson went to the dentist because his teeth hurt.
2. The dentist wanted twenty-five pounds from Mr Robinson.
3. Mr Robinson paid the money quickly.
4. Mr Robinson phoned the dentist after a month.
5. Most people paid the dentist quickly.
6. The dentist waited for the money for three months.

B) Answer these questions.

1. Why did Mr Robinson never go to a dentist?
2. Why did he go to one after a long time?
3. What did the dentist do?
4. What did Mr Robinson ask him then?
5. What did the dentist do?
6. What did Mr Robinson say to the dentist after a month?
7. What was the dentist's answer?
8. What did Mr Robinson ask then?
9. And what did the dentist say to him?

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