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Several strategies can help extend a cell phone battery life, like turning the phone off when it is not in use. Operations and features that are not being used should be turned off or limited. Adjusting the brightness and volume levels of the phone can make a cell phone battery last longer as well. Additionally, routine charging of the battery can help keep the phone on longer.

Many times, people will leave their cell phones on when they are not using them. To extend your battery life, turn off your phone when it's not being used, such as when you are sleeping. Your phone should also be turned off when there is little or no network coverage, since a cell phone battery drains quickly when it is trying to establish or maintain a signal.

Playing games and listening to music on your cell phone will also drain the battery very quickly. The same is true for taking pictures and videos. These activities should be kept to a minimum if you want prolong your cell phone battery life.

Avoiding certain power-hungry features on your phone also may preserve the battery. Wireless Bluetooth® or WiFi® connections are two of the biggest energy wasters, for example. To extend your battery life, these features should be turned off.
If you have a smart phone, you may also have a number of applications that use a lot of battery power. If these are not closed correctly when you are done using them, they will continue running in the background. These applications should be terminated completely to prevent them from draining the battery.

Keypad and screen brightness can also be turned down to prolong the battery life on your cell phone. These lights can drain a battery quickly, especially if you use your phone often. Most phones also allow the user to set up the phone so these lights turn off after a few seconds.

Besides lights, sounds can also drain the batteries. To prevent this, you can turn down your ringer volume. Avoid setting up your phone to vibrate, however, since the vibrate mode will often drain a battery more quickly that a loud ringer.

Obviously, a fully charged battery will last longer than one that isn't charged completely. One of the easiest ways to prolong your cell phone battery life is by using a cell phone battery charger. If you are on the go constantly, you can invest in a portable charger, which you can plug into a vehicle cigarette lighter.

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