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Cinema And Education

Abel: Since my children have started going to the cinema and watching television programmes, they have changed.
Boudou : In what way ? Positive or negative?
Abel: what change do you think the filthy films cinemas and the anything- that comes on the tray TV programmes can produce ? Violence is served to anybody on TV as if everybody advocates it. It's true that we can't set up our TV programme grid with endogenous products only, but we can at least refuse what endangers ourselves and our children's education.
Boudou : Why do you let your children watch things you condemn?
Abel: I do not condemn cinema and TV. They can be a very good medium of education. A good film serves better than strong prohibitions. But one bad film can be worse than ten thousand bad educators. It destroys at once a long established morality. I rather blame the programme makers. They are responsible 'for the kind of behaviour they offer to 'people.
Boudou : Look dear Abel ! People want money. Nothing else but money counts If that thing troubles you so much, why don't you select the proqramme for your children? Do not let them go to see bad films, do not allow them to watch violent films on TV and so you'll solve your problem.
Abel: What could three or four drops of honey change in an ocean of salt water? I can prevent them from seeing violence at home but not from going out with the world. All my attempts will be useless. Even if parents don't teach violence to their children, 'the world will do it.



A) MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS : Write the letter in front of the correct answer

1) Abel and Boudou are discussing:
a) films in general
b) films on TV
c) a particular film
d) bad films

2) Abel thinks that TV and cinemas
a) are very bad for children's education
b) can be good or bad
c) are very'good
d) offer the ideal type of education.

3) Abel condemns:
a) children who watch bad programmes
b) parents who let their children watch bad films
c) TV and cinemas
d) deciders of programmes

4) Children learn:
a) more easily with a good film
b) as easily with a good film as with a good educator
c) less'easily with bad films than with bad educators
d) only good things from TV.

5) TV and cinemas show films of violence because:
a) programme makers like violence
b) spectators like violent films
c) film makers offer violence
d) nobody wants peace.

6) Boudou seems:
a) to be indifferent to the problem of education
b) to be concerned with the problem of violence
c) to approve Abel's worries
d) to be a good educator.

7) Boudou advises Abel:
a) not to let his children go to the cinema
b) not to let his children watch TV
c) not to let his children go to the cinema and watch TV
d) to choose the films to watch.

8) Abel thinks
a) parents do not teach violence to their children
b) his action on his children can change the world
c) his children are as sweet as honey
d) his action cannot change anything if the rest of the world does not do anything.

B) GUIDED ESSAY (10 pts)

1) What does Abel think of TV and Cinemas' programmes? (in 2 to 3 lines-2pts)
2) According to the text, are all films bad? - What is the impact of films on children's education ? (2 - 3 lines - 2 pts)
3) You have seen a film that you liked very much or a film that you did not like at all; tell about It (in 8 to 10 lines - 6 pts)

II - GRAMMAR (4 pts).

A) Complete the sentences with the correct expression

1) Children enjoy TV
a) to watch
b) watch at
c) watching
d) watched

2) He talked without …
a) stopping
b) to stop
c) stopped
d) stoping

3) He says that he can … a car
a) afford buying
b) to afford to buy
c) afford buy
d) afford to buy

4) The rain prevented them … out
a) to go
b) from go
c) from going
d) for going

B) Complete the following sentences with the right letter:
a) since
b) ago
c) for
d) during

1) The cinema started two hours.......
2) The police has not stopped searching for the criminal..... a month.
3) We shall go to our grandparents....... the long vacation.
4) The pupils have been studying the map...... this morning.


1) Un bon film vaut mieux que plusieurs conseils.
2) Les mauvais films peuvent détruire la moralité.
3) Les parents doivent empêcher leurs enfants de voir ce film.
4) Je regarde la télévision tous les jours.

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