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Domestic Animals Must Be Protected (Emile KAHOUN, Yadéga High School)

One day, while Dick was fetching a bucket of water in the yard, much shouting was heard in the distance. He looked down the road and saw five or six boys running as fast as they could. Just in front of them ran a cat, a thin scared cat. The boys as they ran were throwing stones at it. « Stop that cat », cried one of the boys. « We want to kill it ». Dick stepped on the road, picked up the cat as it was running past, and hid it under his coat. « Give that beast to us », said one of the boys. Dick did not speak. He decided that he would not let the poor cat be killed by these rascals, if he could help it. « Give us the cat », shouted the boys. « It’s our cat ». « Say that you will not kill it and I’ll give it to you. », Dick said. « We shall kill our own cat if we like, we shall not ask your permission », said one of the boys. « Give it to us or I’ll…. » » Dick couldn’t help being afraid and ran off. The boys gave chase, but Dick was too quick for them. He reached the gate of the yard and locked it. The boys kicked at the door, calling « coward, come out and fight ». Then Dick’s aunt came out with a red angry face and a big stick in her hand. « What are you rascals doing? », she cried. Without waiting for an answer, she brought out the stick violently on the back of one of the boys. At this, they all ran away as fast as their legs could carry them. « What do you mean by bringing those noisy boys here? »
Shouted Dick’s aunt. « I didn’t bring them » said Dick, « I didn’t wan them to come ».

Thomas Alfres Spalding Dick And His Cat


Yard: cour d’une maison ;
to be scared: être effrayé;
a beast: une bête:
Rascal : coquin ;
a coward : un lâche.


Choose the letter that is in front of the correct answer

1) Dick looked down the road and saw…
a) two or three boys running
b) three or four boys running
c) four or five girls running
d) five or six boys running

2) The boys were running because
a) they saw an old man
b) they saw Dick with a bucket of water
c) they wished to get back their cat
d) they were happy

3) the boys wanted to
a) kill the cat
b) play with the cat
c) play with Dick
d) kill a goat

4) The name of the boy who saved the cat is
a) Franck
b) Moussa
c) Dick
d) Ali

5) The boys kicked the door because they wanted
a) to see Dick’s aunt
b) to fight Dick
c) to kill Dick
d) to play with Dick

6) Dick did not speak because
a) he had decided to save the cat
b) the boys killed the cat
c) the boys shouted
d) the cat belonged to the cat





A- Use the right tenses in the sentences
1) Look at Dick : He (to work )in a hospital
2) The woman (to be) operated on two days ago.

B) Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of the verb.
1) The woman left the office without ………….a word
a) to say ; b) saying ; c) say ; d) not saying.
2) She made me ……………some salt water
a) drink ; b) to drink ; c) drinking ; d) drank.

C) Turn the following sentences into the reported speech.
1) « Where are you going ? » the policeman asked him
2) « Don’t tell lies », the old man told us.

D) find an exercise.


1) Elle pleure depuis des heures
2) Allons en ville
3) L’enfant est si gentil que tout le monde l’aime
4) Si vous faites un sacrifice, il pleuvra.
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