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B.E.P.C. 2009

Forced Marriage

- "You see, you are already due for marriage now, and I, as your father, have already found you a good, responsible, and respectable man who will take good care of you. Your mother and I have discussed the issue."

- "But why? Father, why? Why? Why do you have to choose for me? I am no more a little baby: I can choose for myself." Fola said to herself.

- "Fola my angel, you see, your mother and I got married at an early age. So I would not like you to get married very late. When you get married young you can have children earlier than your age-mates. You know, the man I want you to marry is a responsible fellow that every mother in our community would like to have as their son-in-law. He has helped our family for years." Mr. Otunda concluded.

- "I suspect it must be Taju, that old-for-nothing-man! I am sorry father, I don't want him."
Fola said to herself, but she could not say so to her father because this would make him angry.

- "Who is it, father?" Fola finally asked.

- "Taju, my dear!" Mr. Otunda said proudly.

- "Taju?" Fola repeated horrified.

- "Yes, my dear. Taju is the one I found for you; he is going to be your future husband. That is my plan. He really loves you more than anyone else in this Abeokuta."

Fola interrupted, not minding what her father would say next because she wanted a husband of her own choice. "But why Taju, father? Please! I don’t like him; father, please!" she begged.

Mr. Otunda is a well-built, handsome, and hard-working man. He always keeps his words.
All his family members fear and respect him. They dare not disobey him. His "yes" is
"yes", and his "no" is "no".

Bella Olawale Bella, My future love


Write on your answer sheet the letter that is in front of the correct answer:

1) You are already due for marriage means:
a) You are not ready to get married.
b) You must not get married.
c) You are old enough to get married.
d) You are very old.

2) Fola's father discussed the issue with:
a) His cousin
b) Taju
c) No one
d) His wife

3) Otunda wanted his daughter to get married
a) right now
b) later on
c) long after
d) lately

4} "Fola said to herself” means:
a) she spoké openly

b) she spoke loudly

c) she spoke in a low voice
d) she spoke within herself.

S) Fola's parents got married when
a) they were young
b) they were a1d.
c) they were middle-aged
d) they were not young at all.

6) "That old-for-nothing" shows Fola's
a) disdain far Taju
b) love for Taju
c) respect for Taju
d) care for Taju.

7) According to the text, Fola
a) accepts forced marriage
b) tolerates forced marriage
c} opposes forced marriage
d) encourages forced marriage.
8) Fola's father wants her to marry Taju because:
a) Taju is a young irrespectful man
b) Taju is a careless man
c) Taju is one of Fola's friends
d} Taju is supportive of their family.

II.    GUIDED ESSAY (10 pts)

1) Why does Otunda want his daughter to get married at an earlier age? (2pts)
2) What shows in the text that Fo1a's father is a man of authority? (2pts)
3) Would you like your father to choose a husband or a wife for you?’ Why or why not? (8- 10 lines) (6pts)

III.    GRAMMAR (4pts)

A) Write the verbs in brackets in the correct tense:

1) Peter (cannot) ride a bicycle last year.
2) He (to visit) Ouagadougou in August 1993.

B) Fill in the blanks with "since" or “for” in the following sentences

1) Last night lie worked ... two hours.
2) She has done the housework ... she got up this morning.

C) Put the following sentences into the passive, voice

1) The law of Burkina Faso forbids forced marriage.
2) Nowadays, the young do not always respect family decisions.

D) Fill in with the appropriate prepositions (for, after, in)

1) When my parents are not at home, I look .. . my younger brothers and sisters.
2) Salif has his BEPC. Now, he is looking ... a job.


1) Je viens de rencontrer un vieil ami.
2) Alex a trouvé du travail il y a deux mois.
3) Pourras-tu m'aider avec mes exercices ?
4) Quand je finirai cet examen, je voyagerai.
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