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This baby is mine

Once upon a time, there was a poor young girl called Bintu. She was a very hard-working girl at school and at home as well. She went through her elementary school with success. She attended secondary school. She was going through this very successfully when she got pregnant.
She nearly got mad because she did not expect such a thing to happen to her. She thought of aborting. Her boy-friend came to help. He looked for medicines with local witchdoctors and sent them to his girl-friend.
But she decided not to kill her baby anymore because she feared for her life. She kept her baby and gave birth to it. Three years passed and she never heard of her boy-friend who had abandoned her since her pregnancy. At the end of the third year, he decided to come and get his baby; she flatly refused to give her baby, and said to him: "this baby is mine".
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