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Moussa’s Journey to Abidjan (From Mrs PORGHO, Lycée of Kongoussi)

Last month Moussa decided to go to Abidjan to visit his uncle Sadji for the holidays. He travelled by train. The train did not arrive on time and Sadji waited at the station for a long time. In Abidjan, Moussa visited a lot of friends and a lot of places. The holidays ended last week and he returned to Ouagadougou.


I. Choose the correct answer

1. Moussa decided to go to Abidjan…
a. Last week
b. Last month
c. Today

2. Moussa visited…
a. Friends and places
b. a station
c. Ouagadougou

3. Moussa returned to Ouagadougou
a. Last week
b. Last year
c. Last month

4. Sadji is Moussa’s…
a. Father
b. Friend
c. Uncle

II. Essay:

You went to Ouagadougou for the first time, tell the story. (5 lines)


I. Complete with: who, which, where, what

1. A baker is a person…. makes bread.
2. An elephant is an animal ……lives in Africa.
3. I don’t know …. The girls are.
4. Tell me… I can do for you

II. Complete with the correct tag- question.

1. You’ve got a blue car,….
2. Nancy arrived at London Airport,…
3. Patty would stay if she could,
4. Paul’s just got up,….

III. Use the correct noun.

1. Ali’s father teaches in this school, he is a ….
2. Mr Barry trades in the market, he is a ….
3. She sells tomatoes in front of the house, she is a….
4. Sissao sings very well, she is a….

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