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Missb WilliamsMiss Williams was a teacher, and there were thirty small children in her class. They were nice children, and Miss Williams liked all of them, but they often lost clothes. It was winter, and the weather was very cold. The children's mothers always sent them to school with warm coats and hats and gloves. The children came into the classroom in the morning and took off their coats and hats and gloves. They put their coats and hats on hooks on the wall, and they put their gloves in the pockets of their coats.
Last Tuesday Miss Williams found two small blue gloves on the floor in the evening, and in the morning she said to the children, “Whose gloves are these?”, but no one answered.
Then she Looked at Dick. “Haven't you got blue gloves, Dick?” she asked him.
“Yes, miss,” he answered, “but those can't be mine. I've lost mine.”

A Which of these sentences are true (T) and which are false (F)? Write T or F.

1. There were fort y children in Miss Williams' class.
2. Miss Williams liked all the children. in her class.
3. It was very cold.
4. Miss Williams found one small glove.
5. She found the gloves in the morning.
6. The gloves were Dick's.

B Answer these questions.

1. What was Miss Williams?
2. Did she have big, or small children in her class?
3. What did they often do?
4. What did she find on the floor in the evening?
5. What did she ask the children in the morning?
6. Who answered?
7. What did she ask Dick?
8. What did he answer?
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